• This depicts a day of TAPBDS General Meeting held on 29th September 2012 at Colubus Hotel Kijitonyama. Standing is Joseph Migunda the Executive Director presenting the annual report to the members.

  • These are some of the members who attended the last TAPBDS Annual General Meeting at Colubus Hotel on 29th September 2012.

  • A team of TAPBDS Experts in one of the assignment of Safari Lager Wezeshwa at Golden Park Hotel Sinza in March 2013.

  • Smiling faces of our TAPBDS Experts in a joint picture after closing the sifting assignment in the Safari Lager Wezeshwa Program at Golden Park Hotel Sinza.

  • Smiling faces of our TAPBDS Experts in a joint picture after closing the sifting assignment in the Safari Lager Wezeshwa Program at Golden Park Hotel Sinza.

  • The Kazi Nje Nje Apprentices in a picture with Minister of Labour and Employment Hon. Gaudensia Kabaka, The ILO Director Alexio Musindo and YEF National Coordinator Mr. Luis Mkuku during the Send-Off event.

  • TAPBDS CO.LTD Trainers in a picture with Wezeshwa na Safari Lager Winners (Trainees) after the training session was completed in Mbeya.

  • TAPBDS CO.Ltd members of staff in a picture with leaders from the ILO-Head Office and Regional Administrative Leaders and representatives during the graduation ceremony after ending the KNN Fisrt Phase.

  • Press Release Sessions.

Welcome to TAPBDS

Tanzania Association of Professional BDS Providers Co. Ltd is a legal entity with specialization in provision of Business Development Services (BDS) to potential and existing entrepreneurs in Tanzania.  

Our company networks over 50 members from various specialization and expertise national wide who share the same values. Our Values encourage common norms of behavior across our network which will support the achievement of our goals and will support us in pursuing our ideals.
Promoting entrepreneurship Culture to out of School Youth Event at Kibaha, Pwani.


I.Our People

TAPBDS has experts who are middle aged (youth) who are energetic, motivated and passionate to offer quality business support services to individuals, groups, institutions and corporate. They have a wider exposure of Tanzania and East Africa especially on SMEs sector and BDS. <Read More>

II.Our Expertise:

TAPBDS has well qualified experts in the field of Business Development Services. Each one of our experts have a basic professional skill in either of the following; Accounting, Commerce, Finance, Management, sociology and social work, political science, procurement, education, Information Technology and Human Resources Management. They are the think tank of any business related problem or challenge.


III.Our Approach:

We do not have one solution working for all, we treat every problem as unique and device solutions which best solve it. We do not own the solutions but our clients own them. We remain part of you and your business until the solution given to you works and accurately solve the challenge presented.

We do manage to implement big and wide spread kind of assignments in one time or hardly twice. It is a very cost-effective way of running big projects. We work in collaboration with other small companies some being part of TAPBDS and others from outside just to ensure that professionalism is exercised. 



We have recently introduced Business Support Services for our local clients who are doing business internationally. We have qualified staffs who can help these entrepreneurs on how to do purchasing, how to communicate, how to handle logistics and tax issues and so much more. These experts are able to move with the client from one country to another just to make sure that the solution works well for the client. It is a package which best fits the local entrepreneurs doing business with Asian countries and even Europe and United States.


Director's Message


The motivated group of our young experts has brought us so much achievement in a short time. We are proud with the feedback we receive from the people and institutions that we were able to work with in the last year.  For us it means more energy for delivering quality services to our current clients and those invited and expected in the future. <Read More>

Being a youth led company working as a synergized team of experts gives us energy to explore, solve and manage problems presented by our clients with a high degree of professionalism and discipline.

TAPBDS main areas of achievement for the last year are basically on the program design and implementation. On the design we help our clients to have programs which best fits to the objectives. Programs with focus to cost-effectiveness, practicability, ownership of the stakeholders and sustainability. We are proud to be part of the design team in the Safari Lager Wezeshwa Program implemented by Tanzania Breweries Limited through its Safari Brand. We are as well proud to be part of the design team for the Young Women Entrepreneurs for Freedom and Change (YWE4FC) implemented by the Actionaid International Tanzania. 

Our success on project implementation is particularly on designing of the training packages, conducting actual trainings as well as provision of the follow-up services and mentorship. We do not harmonize clients’ needs, we deal with each problem separately and device appropriate solutions for that specific problem. This has enabled us to have a good database of problem solutions for SMEs and individuals in various sectors of economy. 

Currently we are working on the Safari Lager Wezeshwa program and the YWE4FC program both as the second consecutive year. The first is a countrywide program while the later is implemented in five districts of Handeni, Bagamoyo, Kibaha, Singida and Unguja. Provided that our number enables us to deal with multiple assignments at once or even implement one program activity in different places at once, we have been working with other institutions, NGOs and entities on assignment basis. This has made us have a database of entrepreneurs from almost all sectors of economy. It is the reason why we find it easy to design programs because we have in place solutions which already solved various problems. So we say if you are our new client you can get a chance to see workable solutions first before we design yours. “No need to reinvent the wheel before we do a thorough research”.

We can as well help you to formalize your business in Tanzania (Registration processes and all other legal processes). We can prepare for you Start-Up Business Plans, Expansion or Scale-Up Plans, Training Packages and Manuals. We can train your business staff or your project staff on how best to deliver the expected results. These are some of our many BDS Packages we have for your Enterprise Growth, Project Sustainability and Corporate Goals.

It is our call to entrepreneurs, SMEs, NGOs, CORPORATES, GOVERNMENT and other development stakeholders operating in Tanzania and East Africa to utilize our expertise and our motivated team of young Business Development Services Consultants. Our expertise and experience is important for your institution or business.

We are happy to serve you!


Joseph Migunda
Executive Director
+255(0)718 711 364


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Forming a network of qualified Business Development consultants who are able to contribute to private sector growth and job creation through developing sustainable businesses in Tanzania



To engage in activities aimed at empowering and building capacity to potential and existing entrepreneurs while ensuring deliverance of the quality Business Development Consultancy to entrepreneurs.


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